22 comments on “Mapping Controllers (1 of 3): For EmulationStation

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  10. Hi there! I am having trouble getting my PS2 controllers to be recognized. I have the exact same adapters as you, but no keypresses are being detected. Both controllers _are_ being detected in emulationstation, but when I hold a button to configure, nothing happens. Did you have to install anything separately?

      • Thanks for writing back! I was actually able to get this working, but looks like I was actually doing everything correctly. I had purchased two of those adapters, and one of them came through dead on arrival. So when I plugged in both of them, it was detecting one controller, which is when I realized that the original single one I was trying was simply busted.

        Thanks – love the blog! Just getting into all this Raspberry Pi stuff and it’s oddly addicting and very satisfying putting your own system together.

      • Glad to hear! Thanks! I really have to find time to update amd make new posts that I’m sure you’d enjoy. Yeah it’s so much fun setting it all up on your own!

  11. I’m trying to set up a key to toggle the fast forward option:

    input_toggle_fast_forward_btn = “#”

    Whatever key I put in there (the number), it is activated using the hotkey + that button… (ie. select+RB button)

    Is there a way to assign the toggle button to a single button and not a hotkey button (ie. button combo)?

      • So i had time to check this out. The only way i was able to get this to work with one button was to assign it the same button as the input_enable_hotkey_btn
        Tbe button still worked as a hot key enabler though so you could use it with other key combos!

      • OK, so to clarify for myself. As far as I can tell, it only really works as part of a hotkey combination, and you’re saying one option would be to assign it to the hotkey button itself so that it would essentially also be a single button press.

        Thanks for the help!

  12. I wired a joystick to GPIO ports and all was working fine till I inadvertently destroyed GPIO22 (RIGHT). So I just rewired Button4’s (X) port (GPIO14) to the joystick’s right but EmulationStation won’t let me map that button as RIGHT. It does recognize the button as X but not as RIGHT. Why not?

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