37 comments on “Mapping Controllers (3 of 3): Setting up Controllers in RetroArch

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  10. Just wanted to know how to assign 3 keys to one button. I’m playing 3rd Strike on FBA core on Retroarch for iOS and I just want to have all punch inputs assigned to L2 and all kick inputs assigned to L1 on my Sixaxis controller. Any help would me much appreciated

    • FBA isn’t something I’ve played around with yet! But if it is Retroarch then what i would try is load up the retroarch.cfg file for FBA and have three lines all for the same button (L2). So for the three button commands you’d have the same controller button value. Hope that helps! Let me know what the outcome is

  11. Hey awesome website, you have a lot of great information on here. I was wondering if you have experienced any issues using “input_reset_btn = _” as I have inputted into my controller.cfg file but it won’t exit back to the menu as I am assuming it should during game play. It is a bit time consuming having to return back to ES everytime you want to restart the game. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks hopefully I’ve been able to help you a little! As far as i know i haven’t had any issues with “input_reset_btn” or “input_reset_axis” if you put it on the D Pad. In your file do you also have a “input_enable_hotkey_btn”?

      • I do have “input_enable_hotkey_btn”, it is set to select. I haven’t tried “input_reset_axis”, does this have the same effect as restarting the game? Thanks

  12. Hey, thanks this was helpful. Where did you get the list of commands that you can put into retroarch? Is there one for rotating the screen while pressing a button? i.e. input_screen_rotate_btn = ?

    • flad j could help! I just looked in retroarch.cfg and saw what the options were… i made it so i could also change the volume and a few other things! I don’t see why thay wouldn’t work test it out and let me know!

    • Hey sorry i didn’t see this, it got lost :/ if you skim through retroarch.cfg you’ll see the commands that you can use…you just have to add the brginning as a button or axis and then the input number on the end. Let me know if this helps!

  13. Thanks for the write up, very helpful! After reading this and looking through the RetroArch config file, I found what I needed to set up my controller for playing multiple-disc PSX games like FF7 and Chrono Cross by adding these 2 lines to my controller config:

    input_disk_eject_toggle_btn = “h0up”
    input_disk_next_btn = “h0right”

    For anyone else trying to play games like those, that kind of info might be helpful.

  14. Hey thanks for this great info! It helped me set up my Buffalo SNES controller here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002B9XB0E. Very useful. I certainly don’t understand all the settings yet, especially customizing the controller settings for each emulator/system, but this has been very helpful nonetheless. Perhaps you can write an article on customizing the controller settings for different systems/emulators within RetroPie? Thanks again.

    • You’re welcome I’m glad i could help out! Yeah I’ve been meaning to do more posts in general and i will definitely add more controller articles to that!

  15. I installed my ps3 remote and have it working perfectly using the NES and SNES emulators. However when I use the Sega genesis emulator megadrive-dgen the button layout on the ps3 remote is all kinds of messed up. How would I edit the ps3 keymp to make it possible to play sega game using my ps3 remote wirelessly?

    • Hey i think what might work is if you edit the emulator specific retroarch.cfg file with the button layout you want might be the simplestthis to do! Edit /opt/retropie/configs/megadrive/retroarch.cfg and see if that works. Let me know how you make out!

  16. Thanks for the helpful article! Question though, I’ve got three physical controllers (Buffalo SNES controller, NES controller, and PS3 controller) and I want all three to work with the SELECT + START button mapping to exit out of an emulator. I’ve got the stock version of retroarch.cfg in /opt/retropie/configs/all and the custom mappings for input_enable_hotkey_btn and
    input_exit_emulator_btn on a controller-by-controller basis off in /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/configs. The custom mappings for each controller don’t seem to be overriding the retroarch.cfg in /all. Any idea on why it isn’t using the custom controller mappings? Thanks!

  17. hello,

    I’m using Retropie and I’m having a small issue with key mapping.

    First of all I’m using Mame-libretro and I build an custom arcade console with 6 buttons + InsertCoin + Player1Select and I found that, in-game, when I pressing the button “6” it open the in-game settings where I can change the general settings and the specific game setting especially the button configuration.

    Where this information is saved in Retopie. In my case, when I exit the game this configuration is lost.

    How can I change the button combo to show the In-game-settings. my current configuration is:
    2 1 7
    0 3 6
    and I would like to configure the “InsertCoin” + 6 to open the game settings.
    how can I do it?

    hope you can help me!
    best regards
    Paulo Aboim Pinto
    Odivelas – Portugal

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