27 comments on “Setting up PlayStation for RetroPie

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  10. Hi! Thanks for the writeup! I tried your method but now RetroPie stops upon start with a ‘need to edit by hand’ error. Any quick fix to this before I reinstall everything from scratch? Kinda liked my setup the way it was going 🙂 Thanks for any help!

  11. I FIXED IT 🙂
    Apparently I goofed so I found a clean example of the needed file, copy/pasted the code, saved and rebooted, and all is right with the world lol!! Thanks for the attention/help and the procedure!!!

    • And that only got me back into the emu station…no games work but are listed, and no link to my kodi install…time to start from scratch.

      • Glad you made progress though! Are no systems working or just Playstation? For Kodi was it a different tab? The es_systems.cfg file tou found may not have it separately

      • None of the systems worked. The games were listed but nothing happened when I tried running any of them. I did a quickie reinstall and set everything back up (and then made a backup image of the sd card so I won’t have to waste time again if I mess around with stuff!). Thanks again for the assist!!!

  12. This completely messed up my emulation station tho and now i can’t do anything with it. i get the system config error

  13. same with me, followed your instructions and now the es_systems.cfg is missing and emulationstation will not open?

    • Hmmm interesting, I’ll have to check out my post today and see whats going on. Did you make a backup of that file? There is another copy of es_systems.cfg in /opt/ somewhere too but ill get back to you.

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