The concept behind my blog, WeekendEngineer

Since we all live such busy lives I find that most of my free time is on the weekends and a lot of the projects tie into the engineering theme. I wanted to have a place where I can log and share all the useful tips and tricks that I have found from both my personal life and from others.  With some projects getting more involved I found myself looking up more information; a lot of it came from blogs or forums.


A little about myself

I grew up and still live in New York, about 50 miles north of the city and came from hands-on and technically skilled parents. From a young age I was always helping my Dad work on our cars and fixing up the house.  This is where I give credit to my passion of working with my hands. I picked up electronics and programming from him also with him being an Electrical Engineer and worked as an IT Architect. I had the thought process and everyone always told me / thought that I was going to become an engineer.

Today I enjoy working on my cars, programming with my RaspberryPi’s, Cooking, and many other hobbies.

Education / Honors

I graduated from SUNY Stony Brook as a Mechanical Engineer and also have had some basic electronic and programming classes. I try to continue learning as much as I can by reading other people’s blogs and literature on subjects that interest me.

I am also an Eagle Scout and am proud to say that. During the process and years I have learned so much about ways of thinking and making sure that I am prepared for almost whatever come my way!



At the end of the day if I am able to help one person, or show someone something new then I can call this a success. I hope to make it seem like even the most involved projects can become simple once you think about it clearly and take you time learning!


17 comments on “About

  1. You have a great blog, it made setting up my own RetroPie so much easier! I would have been lost without you.

    I have two questions I hope you can help me with:
    (1) I’ve loaded some PSX roms into RetroPie that have both a .bin and .cue file. In EmulationStation, the titles are duplicated when you go to pick a game. Do you know how to fix that?

    (2) I’ve used the scraper to get game art, but they disappear if my Pi loses Internet connection. Is there any way I can make the art permanent?

    Thanks so much again for your awesome site! I hope you continue to post.

    • Hey Josh,
      Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad I was able to help you out with setting up your Raspberry Pi! I think I can help you out with your questions.

      Both *.bin and *.cue extensions are recognized as a Playstation game in RetroPie. Which extension are you using to play the games? I typically use *.bin files. I can show you how to “hide” the extension you don’t want to use. In ‘/etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg‘ and scroll down to the ‘Sony Playstation 1’ system you can see the list of extensions. All you have to do is delete the extension you don’t want and save and exit!

      For your second question I haven’t tried the scraper yet but it sounds like they aren’t being saved? This might be because the folder has root privileges only. I think the files get saved in /etc/emulationstation/themes so I would try ‘sudo chown -R pi /etc/emulationstation/themes‘. Run the scraper again and let me know what happens!

      I haven’t posted in a while but I will be continuing to post very soon with more useful information and projects!!

      • Thanks, it worked for me! I deleted the .cue files. But now my Pi isn’t working . . . It shows:

        /dev/mmcblk0p2: UNEXPECTED CONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.
        (i.e., without -a or -p options)
        fsck died with exit status 4
        failed (code 4)

        [ . . . .] An automatic file system check (fsck) of the root filesystem failed. A manual fsck must be performed, then the system restarted. The fsck should be performed in maintenance mode with the root filesystem mount in read on

        [FAILde. . . . failed!
        [warn] The root filesystem is currently mounted in read-only mode. A maintenance shell will now be started. After performing system maintenance, press CONTROL-D to terminate the maintenance shell and restart the system . . . (warning).

        Give root password for maintenance

        Any ideas what happened? 😦

  2. Well, I did basically everything you wrote to make the initial system and SNES, NES, Genesis, and GBA were working fine. Then I started adding only the .bin files for Playstation through WinSCP because you said I could delete the one I didn’t want (did I misunderstand?). I have been shutting down the Pi properly, but started using “sudo halt” in Linux instead of going to EmulationStation to shut down. Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks again for your help, I’ve already told my family about your blog (they are starting to get into Pi’s, too) and they love it!

    • So everything was working fine and all you did was delete the .cue files? You deleted files only in the psx directory right? Did you edit any files or run any other commands? Does your Pi boot at all or does it keep rebooting. I’ve never run into any issues like this besides deleting or removing something by accidentally.

      Sorry for so many questions I’m just trying to understand it bettter!

      That’s awesome thanks for sharing with them! They are very fun and addicting!

      • No problem on the questions, I just appreciate your help! Yup, everything was working fine and I only deleted what .cue files I had on there. For the ROMs I added, after that, I only added .bin files. Everything seemed to be working fine. After the last batch of uploads, I turned it off with “sudo halt.” Since then, it starts loading RetroPie—it shows the initial “RetroPie” screen fine, but when it gets to the coding again, it stops and displays the error. It asks me to input a code or something to run the “fsck” scan, but my keyboard doesn’t work anymore at that point. The only thing on my keyboard that works is “Cntrl + D,” which I’m supposed to enter after I’ve successfully typed in whatever it wants me to type. I haven’t edited any other files or done anything else at all—essentially, I’ve just been putting some .bin files onto the Pi.

        Any help you can give would be great! I’ll keep looking around myself, too, and maybe we can come up with an answer!


      • I had a similar issue now that i think about it on my last build…i had everything set up and when i updated the system it wouldn’t boot anymore. That’s what led me to start this blog! Haha a similar thing happened to my dad’s Pi also. Have you tried ssh-ing into your Pi to see if you can enter anything or even if anything happens? Yeah I’ll do some research too to see what i can find!

  3. I tried ssh-ing into it, but it wouldn’t even allow me to do that! I tried re-flashing the image to the SD card and it worked fine again, but the same problem occurred after loading some playstation .bin files onto it again. So it’s the .bin files doing something, but I, n00b, have no idea what lol.

    • Hey, just wanted to let you know I figured out what the problem was! My SD card just wasn’t high enough quality. I swapped it out for a better one, and now PSX titles run fine. Thanks for your help! 🙂

      BTW, other question, if you have time. . . . I tried installing XBMC, and everything seemed to work great. But when I tried to run it from Linux with the command you suggested (sudo xbmc -fs), it didn’t run. It says “command not found.” Any ideas?

      As always, I am eternally grateful for your help 🙂

  4. Haha it was very minor—XBMC is now called “kodi,” so I needed to type “sudo kodi” instead.

    I haven’t tried the scraper yet, but I plan to soon. I’ve been trying to get the N64 to work now (I guess I have to swap the emulator). Also, do you know how I can get privileges to make the changes you suggest in order to put a tab for XBMC/kodi in RetroPie? Another thing I noticed, I don’t think “es_systems.cfg” exists in RetroPie v.2.3, although I might have done something wrong.

    • I worked a little on getting N64 to work but stopped for a little, I got the games to load but that’s all, controllers didn’t work. I have herd that you need the file ‘libmupen64plus.so.2.0.0’ from an older version of retropie and it gets a little better but I haven’t copied the file over yet to try it out…I seem to remember that es_systems.cfg is initially in another directory, you can find it with ‘sudo find / -name es_systems.cfg’ and then copy it into ‘~/.emulationstation’ since that takes precedence over other locations. I’m not sure what privileges you’re talking about but you can just edit the files with ‘sudo’

  5. HI!!! like josh has said you’ve got a super helpful blog, and it’s helped me a bunch with getting my retro pie arcade system set up, I do, however, was wondering if you could help me out with something. This isn’t actually pie based but you seem to know your bash-fu so…

    I’m running my setup off of an old PC I’ve got running Ubuntu 16 and emulation station prompts me for a password whenever I want to shut down my system. Retropie docs say to use visudo to make my user account not use a password but for some reason, it doesn’t apply any changes or anything.
    and all the help I’ve tried to google doesn’t really specify something that I’m missing, so I figured you might be able to help.

    If you can, great, if not, I’ll keep reading your posts anyway XP
    keep up the great work!

    • Im so glad I’ve been able to help! I’ve only used retropie for the pi so I’m afraid i might not be much help but have you checked out their webpage? They might have better info for you 🙂

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